Monday, June 30, 2008

Heathier eating

My co-worker is out on vacation this week, so it is just me holding down the fort in the office. The good thing is I can blare my music and watch any video online that I want...or I could get headphones and do it all the time..but they do crush my hair.

I have been realizing lately just how much my eating goes up when I don't have enough things to keep me busy. Like Sunday for instance...I was doing great not eating too much dessert, then Sunday hit and I ate 2 candy bars. Uggh, it is a vicious cycle. Just when I think I can overcome my sweet stuff eating...I go back to it. Why can't I change my diet for the better, for good? What is it that keeps me tied to eating candy? Perhaps available points...which I should be eating fruit with...but candy is much more tasty.

I am going to have to start thinking of something to correct this behavior. Next week I am starting back on 24 points and I am not sure how to do that without trying to cut some stuff out. 2 points a day is a is around a hundred calories. I know I don't want to cut down my breakfast..I guess lunch is the best time for me to cut down. I usually eat a 6 point lunch...but I am not sure how to make that less. I always eat a fruit and carrots w/ my lunch...but it is the lunch itself that is usually 5 points. If I don't eat enough I am dangerously hungry until dinner, and that is no good. The only thing I can think of is getting those points by doing an extra 30 minute workout. I have not been getting up in the morning to work out lately. We stopped carpooling because it was making me crazy, but I have still been getting to work earlier..and getting up early is hard. All I can do is try...or maybe get just a plain latte. I guess I will have to think some more about this.

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