Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down a pound

I am down another pound and back at my lower maintenance weight which is really good. I had the licorice attack and it took me 2 weeks to loose the 2 pounds I think I gained with it. For some reason licorice makes me really gain weight...or the enormous amount of it I eat..and the calories and sugar. Hey, but it's low fat (we all know that doesn't matter). Oh, the things I tell myself.

Anyway, like I posted more week of maintenance then I am ready to loose my 7.2 pounds..however long it takes. Once I get to 175 though, I have to go down to 22 points..and I have not done that since learning weight watchers. We shall see how this goes. I have to say this week I am motivated and I really think I can start back at 24 points by next week. I have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies everyday..and that really helps to fill you up. I was starving though when I got home yesterday. The pork fajitas we had really hit the spot.

I decided to change my side bar and try to get to my first goal before posting my ultimate goal. I think this may help my psyche a bit.

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