Monday, June 9, 2008

Raining again?

It has been raining since last week...and it is depressing. The rain and storms make me want to stay home with my bed blanket in pj's while laying on the couch and eating. I did this Friday and slept all day! I thought I was going through some wave of depression or something. I might of also exhausted myself cooking for my bf's birthday. It was hard to make yorkshire pudding. You basically have to put beef drippings and vegetable oil in a pan in the oven and let it heat up..then pour a batter into was scary, so hot. I ruined the first batch and made the bf help me with the second. I ate a lot and the pot roast was really good. I was really full and anxious to get back on track after that....but then the rain came down and I got depressed the next day. I could not get out of bed.

Luckily, I snapped out of it on Saturday with some sun and Kung Fu Panda! We saw it 2 times in a row in IMAX...that was how much I liked it! Because I was in such a bad mood before I saw it I think the bf wanted to keep me happy, so he took me and his nephew to see it again. I have never seen a movie twice in a row on the same day...but the movie appealed to me in so many ways.

I read an interesting article on msnbc today about fad diets and the facts. I was happy that they actually had an article that didn't make me feel bad about myself or tell me that my lifestyle changes won't stick. Several upstanding people from Universities and Medical Centers were cited also..making it seem much more legitimate to me. This makes me think I am on the right track and it is okay to take losing weight slow and steady.

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