Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy sugar cravings, up .8 pounds

I took the day off yesterday from work and was super busy and unable to post. Tuesday afternoon ended up being a bit crazy with eating. I have had some small things to deal with lately that are causing me some anxiety. My automatic defense is to eat sugar or something..I don't know what got into me?

On Tuesday afternoon I had to install some software to a co-worker in another building. I still had my licorice craving, so after that I walked to CVS and went looking for my licorice fix. I ended up buying a big bag of licorice. When I got back to my office I counted out a serving, then another, then I just dumped a whole bunch from the bag and ate them all. I think I ate half the bag and felt quite sick about 30 minutes later. I starting feeling better by the time I left work..which was good, but the bf had some ideas for dinner.

He wanted to try the Papa John's whole wheat crust pizza. I really love pizza so of course I agreed and called for one right away. It was good, the crust was a little different..but in a good way. I do like the pizza I make a little more because I spice it up..but it was good. I then reminded myself after I ate 3 large slices that I had to weigh myself on Wednesday morning. So, I did and I am up .8 pounds this week. I had a couple of days of weakness and I think I am over my big licorice cravings for the most part...I hope.

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