Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tomorow I start again

Yes, tomorrow I will start trying to loose this last 7,8,9 pounds....who knows week by week? I am up again today, but who knows what I will be tomorrow. I blame this on the TCBY flurry I had last week. I had enough punches to get a free item, so I choose the pb cup flurry. It was good but not filling and it hurt my stomach soo bad. Note to self: I really cannot eat TCBY. At least I got rid of that punch card.

I also might be on to something with the comment I made yesterday about the latte. I tried the sf caramel latte this morning...it was a bit sweet, but not bad. I think I would get half the syrup next time. This is 2 points less than my caramel macchiato...which would be an easy way to take 2 points out and go to 24 from 26. I think this is my plan. I really am not sacrificing too much with this. I am still getting the fullness with the milk, just less sugar. I would ideally like to just drink a plain latte, but I think I will try the sf syrups until I am ready to cut out the syrup completely. I am so awesome..such a little change, I hope this works well! I am almost excited to start with this revelation.

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