Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just taking it day by day

I really did not sleep well last night. I had some muscle spasms in my calves..they still hurt. I looked all around the internet for tips on how to make it feel better and tried them all. My last attempt today is aspercreme and a sports drink. I may also take the day off from cardio and just do weights. I really have never experienced something like this before. It sucks, but I am sure it will heal up eventually. Thanks god the weekend is here and tomorrow I have the day off from work because my new washer and dryer is getting delivered. Yeh!

Anyway, I have to go to a department lunch at a mediterranean restaurant today. I ordered a doner or gyro with spinach soup, instead of fries. I hope it is good, but not super greasy. I think this is the last of going out to eat for a while, I have to get back to my healthy eating. I won't be posting tomorrow unless I really feel like getting on the computer. Right now I am just taking things day by day, but I have to admit it is a struggle to go back to 24 points...I am almost always feeling a bit hungry. Not the most enjoyable thing, but I should get used to it soon.

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