Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day after the Birthday Party

So the birthday party went well for the most part, but we got Hungry Howie's pizza..so no whole wheat crust. I ended up eating 3 slices. The whole wheat from Papa Johns is so much more filling. The grandpa got a bakery cake from a local grocery store...the frosting was soo sugary, but I guess that was what the birthday boy wanted. I remember when I was a kid, I loved that white, fluffy, sugary frosting too..then. Now, not so much.

I am still not feeling right this morning, but forced down my breakfast in an effort to balance out my blood sugar. I think I am over pizza for a good long time now. I am looking forward to making dinner tonight. I think I am making pork chops with red potatoes and green beans...which will be really good. On Thursday I am going to a mediterranean restaurant for our department lunch, which we have once a month, but it seems like more than that..because the months go by so fast. At least I will have a new set of flexpoints to use for that.

Oh, the sugar free latte thing is going somewhat well. I now only get my caramel mocchiato for a treat. I sometimes miss it..but my new concoction is not so bad. I do 1 pump sf vanilla and 1 pump sf caramel. They usually do 4 pumps...and IMHO it is way to sweet or artificial tasting for me. Less is more with sugar free stuff. I do know that I will be either up in weight or maintained this week, and I am okay with it. Sometimes things come up that you can't plan for....so the need to be flexible is important. Maybe next week I can loose.

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