Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling better

I had a headache with congestion yesterday, so I stayed home. I did post my weight for the week and am happy about being back to my lowest so far weight of 182. I hope to keep losing, but I must get on the treadmill again. Anyway, my day is much better today and I am feeling close to normal.

Yesterday I was trying to think of ways to go down to 22 points once I go below 175. That will not be as easy of a transition because I have already done the easier one I had to do (going from Caramel Mocchiato to NFSF Latte). I have to say I like the NFSF latte better now, the CM is too sweet for me (so weird). That is what happened when I went from the White Chocolate Mocha to the Caramel Mocchiato before. The things your taste buds get used to, and once you make the transition it becomes habit, at least for me it does. I know I am not near that weight yet, but I am hoping to get into the 170's soon. The lowest number I have seen on my scale at home (and not on a weigh in day) was 181.6. I think I will freak when I see 179. I hope I hope! I am just so close to being in the normal range of my BMI and I really want that to happen. I would officially be in the normal range and not overweight anymore at 169. That feels so close..and I have done the majority of it so far..I will just keep crossing my fingers and hope my body will drop the weight without having to starve or workout like mad. I will just have to cross my fingers.

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