Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Listen to Myself

I am down for the week..I knew that the pizza put on some extra water weight for me last week. Anyway, this is my normal cycle for the past 3 months, go up a few pounds, go down a few pounds. This is maintenance for me. I am hoping to resume my exercise schedule this week...or ease back into it. My plans are to continue doing gentle yoga twice a week and then add back in some cardio and weights. I don't want to push myself too much this week, but also I want to get back in the swing of things. The thing that really perplexed me about not exercising this week is that I felt fine and had more energy than I thought I would. I actually feel a lot better this week..which makes me think taking a week off here and there is actually good for me and my body. I have to say I had a couple fearful thoughts about it, but I am glad I did it and showed myself that I don't gain weight crazily if I stop exercising for 1 week.

I am still trying to eat 24 points a day for this week, I went back to maintenance last week..because without exercise points, it is just not enough to eat. However, I am not strict about what I eat to the exact point level. I will go over if I really want something, but just not too much over. I am happy that my funky moods have gone away this week and I feel more normal..perhaps a sign that I need to slow down if I am feeling crazy. It is so hard to know what I may need sometimes...especially when everyone tells you to keep exercising because it will make you feel better. It is hard to listen to yourself.

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