Monday, July 21, 2008

Forks in the road

I had a pretty good weekend. I went out to dinner and had a picnic on Saturday to go to. I luckily didn't go overboard too much at either. I have discovered that I feel better when I don't stuff myself. Sundays are usually the hardest for me to eat well because most of the time I am not doing much of anything. I did go to the doggy park yesterday and tried to give my dog a bath there...that was an adventure. I planned to get up this morning and get on the treadmill. I did not do it. I guess I may be sick of the treadmill because I would rather do other forms of exercise. I will get back to it though. Ever since the calf strain I held it responsible for the pain I felt for almost a week. I plan to do it tomorrow night because I am back doing yoga tonight and Wednesday. I love yoga once again and feel that the stress benefits are great, but I have to say I need to start doing the treadmill again to get my heart rate up.

I am not sure how my weight loss attempts have been going. I still seem to be in the same range as maintenance. I have successfully transitioned to the NFSF latte at Starbucks from the Caramel Mocchiato, and am proud of myself for that. It seems that since going back to losing that there is always some obstacle that I face for the week. Either it is a birthday party, a picnic, fourth of July, or family outing that stunts my weight loss efforts. I just keep trying. I sometimes wonder if I am ready to loose more. I will see for a couple of more weeks how things go to determine what I need to do.

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