Monday, July 28, 2008

I should not get on the scale everyday

I have been guilty of getting on the scale everyday this week. I saw my weight fluctuate 3 to 4 pounds this week. It is really weird and a little scary. I saw my weight go up the day after I did a cardio workout. Is that right? Anyway, I did the treadmill this weekend and I am proud of myself. I have to say that sometimes I think it would be easier to loose the weight without working out so much. I say this because the workouts make me hungrier. I want to eat more and the calorie benefit of the workout vs. the food payoff isn't so great. You can work out a half an hour, burn 200-300 some chips or cereal and you pretty much lost the calorie benefit of working out, especially if you overeat by that amount (which I frequently do lately).

The only good thing that comes from working out is muscle tissue. You don't get as flabby as you loose the weight. I do think it is healthier to loose weight while exercising and I think you look better is just so hard to keep up the intensity! I guess I have just been a little lazier and perhaps I need to eat better to offset the loss of interest in exercising. This is bound to happen to me from time to time.

Another problem I am encountering: I find myself obsessing about food sometimes. I will eat my dinner and then want something else because I still feel hungry. The thoughts will not leave my mind until I have something more. When I get something more I am done and don't think about food anymore. The rest of my evening is peaceful. I love that I stop thinking about food...but is this ruining my weight loss attempts? I am having a conflict with myself, because I would rather not obsess about food. Uggh. I have issues.

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