Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Party

So it is my bf's nephews birthday today, he is 10. We are hosting his family B-day party at our house tonight. What does he want for dinner? Of course, pizza. And birthdays are not complete without a cake and which one did he choose? Coldstone's ice cream cake. I have to say, I certainly do not have the points for all of this.

Usually I would be excited about pizza. I always want it but never eat it or make my own. But on Thursday night we had a bad storm and our power went out so we went to the bf's mothers house and we ordered pizza (so I already ate it this week). I am just writing about all of this because I am thinking that I probably won't loose much weight this week. This is my first week of trying to loose the remaining weight to my goal. I am motivated, but sometimes things are not under your control and you need to prepare yourself for some surprises when it comes to eating.

That Thursday when we ordered pizza, we did get the whole wheat crust again. I actually really liked it this time. I hope to get whole wheat again tonight. It fills me up more than regular pizza. I can eat 2 pieces of it and feel pretty satisfied, which reminds me I should look up the calories in it. But I am not sure I want to know.

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