Thursday, July 17, 2008

Relax and try not to get stressed

I think it is hard to not be affected by people around you. I had quite a dramatic day at work yesterday and it took a toll on me. Once again, I did the gentle yoga class. This class was taught by a different instructor that had a cute pregnancy belly. This fooled me into thinking it would be easier than Mondays class, but it was almost on par with their "back to basics" class I used to take...she even made us do down dog. Luckily she was just filling in for another instructor. It was fun after all...and not to hard. It got my mind off of the drama from my work day and I felt great afterward. Note to self: Do yoga because it is meditative for you and gets you to relax.

I have to say lately I have been noticing that I can be quite a high strung person. I really don't want to be stressed and evil and mean to the bf when I come home..and I had a temper tantrum last Sunday about World of Warcraft. It is a game..I had a temper tantrum over a game! I decided I need a way to get stress relief and going back to yoga, to a easier class was just the thing I needed to get sane again. I have also started to listen to relaxation music at work. I download them from iTunes and it has a very calming affect.

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