Thursday, July 31, 2008

My new workout plan

I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night and got up this morning and exercised. I can't believe I actually slept through the night...I guess I need more sleep than most people. Anyway, if that is what it takes to get up and work out in the morning, than that is what I must do. I just read another article on Fit Sugar about exercising an hour a day, 5 times a week. I know that is what I must do, so I have devised a plan for myself for the next 2 weeks.

My plan is to get up in the morning M,T,Th,F and do a nice level 1 treadmill walking 30 minute workout. I will then continue to do my gentle yoga workouts on M & W. Tuesday night is doggy park night. I will then do a 30 min level 2 treadmill jog on Saturday morning, Sunday I will lift weights and do another level 2 treadmill jog or go to the doggy park if I need a break.

So those are my workout plans for the next 2 weeks or so. I will see how it goes and see if it has an effect on my hunger or the scale. I love these experiments and I actually prefer walking in the morning to jogging..or well, at least I did today.

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