Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog postings

My head has been spinning today. I can't seem to really get focus. I have read so many good posts on blogs today, so it is hard to write my own. Anyway, Leslie at "The Weighting Game" posted something interesting. It was a letter from one of her readers who used to do a food blog, commenting on food blogs. It was a very good point about blogging about your food intake. I would never want to do that because it would feel like a bit of an invasion of my privacy. I guess it is super nice to share food tips, but sharing what you eat all day could be a horrendous experience, especially for someone like me. I wouldn't want to obsess about things and look like a pig in presenting myself. I think people should eat what they want and just try to make it healthy or healthier.

Wow, the sun just came out...after 4 days of solid rain. I may be able to give the doggie a little walk...or not. I am going to try to go to yoga tonight. I really need a good stretch. I just ate lunch and totally burned my lean cuisine...I hate that. I feel so jipped. I ate it anyway...but it wasn't all that good.

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