Monday, September 8, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies

I have been struggling this week. I did not feel good on Friday and was super tired so I took a sick day from work. I hardly remember Friday, it was just a sleepy haze to me. Anyway, I have had the biggest chocolate chip cookie craving ever! It started out fairly simple and then became a huge obsession. On Thursday afternoon I went during the afternoon at work to get a giant cookie from a local bakery. I ate that, but it didn't quite hit the craving. It wasn't soft and chocolaty enough.

Anyway, I thought I was fine for the rest of the weekend and we ordered pizza (bf's suggestion) on Saturday..which took the rest of my extra points for the week. We then ran out of trash bags so I had to run to the store to get some. That ended up not being the best idea. I went to the bakery section and looked to see if they had samples of cookies (sometimes they do) and was confronted with the giant, soft, chewy, yummy bakery cookies in a dozen pack. I just had to buy them, I had no defenses. I went and got a Starbucks latte and then proceeded to get into my car and grab a cookie while sipping my latte. That was so great. I don't know why but it was so satisfying.

I thought I would be okay with the package, I really did. I thought I will just eat one here and there, until Sunday evening hit. I forgot about them in the morning, but then after dinner I made a smoothie and it just didn't sit well with me. Then I remembered the cookies and went for it. I ended up eating 4. I felt a bit sick, but they were so good. I really hope this craving is over soon and I am sure it will effect my weight loss for this week. Oh well, right? Not a huge deal..just thought I was over the whole binging on sweets thing. Just when you think you have kicked the habit right?


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about cookies lately too. I thought maybe I'll get one each day when I pick up my coffee. So I did that today-one chocolate chunk cookie which I counted 3 points for.

Estellia said...

It is so hard to pass up all the delicious food sometimes. I rarely have the craving, but when you do you just gotta eat it.