Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grumpy water

So I find it strange how fast I can get used to drinking larger quantities of water. I used to drink a liter bottle and I switched to a liter and a half. I think it is awesome that I have been able to find this big of bottled water bottles! I buy them at a local grocery store that has a Starbucks and when I lug the big bottle up to the counter to pay for it with my latte the barista always says "that is a huge bottle of water." They always then ask me "do you drink that", and of course I do without any problem. I guess most people don't drink a lot of water in a day. I find that if I don't I get a lot more sleepy and don't feel as good. I shoot for 2 liters a day. I try to get another half liter in the morning and evening. I have to say since I switched to the liter and a half that I feel better. I just have to pee a lot more.

Anyway, I am not in the best of moods today so I tried to write about water in an effort to not write about my bad mood..but then I ended up writing about it anyway. I hope to shake myself out of this soon. I am a bit grumpy.

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