Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ice cream on the brain

I had a great weekend, but it was way too short. Anyway, we had a cookout at our house yesterday. I did not overeat for lunch..but we ate at 2 p.m, which is late for me. I then did not have dinner because we were playing Rockband and after everyone left I was so hungry and in the munchie moood, so I made some popcorn and then had some Jello and a Kashi TLC bar..I was stuffed after that. I was not even hungry for breakfast this morning. I really hope this late night eating didn't effect my weight too much this week, but if so I will just hope for better numbers next week.

I have to say my motivation this week has waned. I had some major ice cream cravings and had some ice cream 4 times this week. I think I may be better now, but I think the weather changing and the fact that the ice cream shops will be closed soon are making me have that "get it while you can" idea. Except for the expense, I love getting ice cream out because I don't have to have it in the house. And you get variety.

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