Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday donut

I really don't know why I always feel the need to eat extra stuff on Sundays. I once again ate all my flex points on Saturday and didn't leave extra for Sunday. This is not good. My theory is that I didn't brush my teeth until later in the day...a bad habit I do on Sundays. This may be what is leading me to eat crap. Ever notice when you don't brush your teeth first thing in the morning how you want to eat stuff that makes your mouth taste better? I may be alone in this...but I needed a donut and teddy grahams on Sunday. I actually have never had teddy grahams before, but they are not bad. I had the chocolaty chip ones..they are like mini chocolate chip cookies. I just had a few after the donut with my latte, but could of skipped the donut because I liked them better. My craving originally was for animal crackers..but I added on.

I didn't go over too much yesterday, but was really not hungry for I just had one fajita instead of two. Nutritionally my day would of been better without the donut. I kind of wish I didn't eat it because it is good for the couple of bites..but it does not fill you up and it isn't that good for the calories. So I have to remind myself of that next time I want a donut. It just looked so good in the case with the sprinkles.

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