Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just excercise more

Okay, I know I write this blog everyday for myself and for the reason that it is a good time waster for me during the day...but I did think that I didn't want to report my weight gain (but of course I am). I am blaming this all on TOM that happened today just because I can. I am a little disappointed that I am back up to 182, but I also know I did not eat more than 3,400 calories extra this it can't be real. Why is this so much harder this time around?

I did restrict my calories for the weeks I got to 180 and I did feel a shift in my hunger and cravings this week. They were much stronger cues. All the articles I have read said to not restrict eating and just excercise more. I wish! I think some could be the weather and some of it could be that I exercised 5 days this week..when I was maybe doing 3 or 4 for the last couple of weeks. Or I just ate way too much and miscalculated the calories.

I am not upset with myself I just feel like I may not conquer the 180's anytime soon. It is a set back when I wanted to see 179 on a weigh-in day so bad. But I am happy with what I have lost and that I continue to keep that off. So I go back and forth from not caring to feeling like it is impossible to get to my goals.

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