Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Up and down and around

I am up 2 pounds this week. I am not sure if I was trying to sabotage myself this week or if I was just frustrated and stressed. I have had some stress going on and on Monday and Tuesday night I gave myself huge portions of food at dinner time. I also finished off the box of teddy grahams. I do not think I should allow myself to buy those anymore, they are too addictive. I needed to go with my first thought when at the grocery store, a mini box of animal crackers. Oh well, it is all a learning experience and I guess I cannot be responsible with certain foods in the house. That is just the reality of it. I have a hard time not eating a lot of crunchy, sweet foods and add any sweet thing to that..pretty much.

I have to say that I am mad at myself, but I am trying to get over it. I haven't been doing the treadmill much lately and have been taking the dog to the dog park instead. It is so much more fun. I wish I could say that the dog park was really great exercise..but it doesn't burn as many calories as the treadmill does. I told least I am getting some exercise..but it isn't going to help me get to my goal. The thought of getting on the treadmill the last couple of days actually sounded like hell to me..I don't know why. My motivation is waning. I want to take a break but I am also quite scared of gaining. I go in and out of this anxiety..I don't know why? I need to get over all this and just do what I need to do. I know that exercise will help my stress level. I know yoga will make me feel great. I just have to do it. Wish me luck.

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