Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Darkness

I kind of came to the realization today that I will probably always struggle with my healthy lifestyle changes. Um, duh. Anyway, I really hope to get to a place where things don't bother me so much...like my weight fluctuations, lack of exercise, etc. Somehow I don't think it is that enjoyable to be this preoccupied...but perhaps that is what is needed to keep yourself from slipping?

I hate to blame something else for extra calories, but I do think the fact that it is colder and that there is less light, that I am craving sugar a bit more. Doesn't sunlight help you make serotonin? When there is less of it, isn't it natural to try to get it somewhere else? Anyway, I think the body adjusts after a while to the changes and you can handle it better. At least that is my theory right now...not that I researched any of this. It is raining right now and I wish I had a hot beverage to warm me up...here come the extra lattes/hot chocolate weather. The smoothies are getting harder to incorporate because they make me so cold...but somehow ice cream isn't as bad :). Oh well, until tomorrow.

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