Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laziness is contagious to myself

I had a hard time sleeping last night and kept waking up. I suspect that my lack of exercise this week has contributed to my crappy sleeping. When I work out regularly I don't have any problems sleeping. I was of course going to get up and work out this morning...but not sleeping made it impossible to get up. I wish I was more of a morning person...and what happened before that made me get up? I really miss those days of motivation to work out in the morning. And it didn't help that my yoga place was closed for a week and a half.

I did take my doggy to the dog park yesterday and she had so much fun playing in the little doggy lake. She went crazy like she has never been there before. I have to say I haven't been taking her as much as I did before. What is the deal with all this laziness? I am not sure how I became like this...but a lot of it slipped when I strained my calf muscles working out. I took a break and my exercising just started being more sporadic. How do I get motivated again? I don't know if there is a secret way to get myself more motivated...hmm...maybe winter and it's coldness will help out with that. I hope.

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