Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Calories in a pound

So 3,500 calories equals a pound. I misquoted and said 3,400 in past posts. I have been having some issues this week with the scale going up. Yes, I got on today and was up 2 pounds and I know I need to wait to weigh myself until tomorrow...but I just had too.

This was perplexing to me because I know that I have not ate 6,800 calories extra this week, according to my journal. I have to say I didn't even gain that much on the cruise and I may of ate that amount of extra calories over. So strange, and I have a sneaking suspicion that weight gain isn't all science.

So with this event I think I am going back on 28 points again next week to keep my sanity. I know I am close to my goal, but I think I just want to try to maintain my weight for a couple of weeks or so. I feel much like I am going insane. The nice weather is playing back my old tapes of "of course you can get ice cream everyday"...once again. I have 20 or so years of old patterns to overcome and only a small amount of time with good ones. I am a creature of habit.

Yesterday I had a pretty good day with eating. I ate plenty of fruits and veggies and stayed within my points range. I then went for a good jog on the treadmill. I was pretty proud of myself, but had that uncomfortable hungry feeling that lead me once again to the ice cream in the freezer. So I was eating ice cream that hurt my stomach the day before at 9:46 p.m at night after exercising. What is wrong with me? Yes, I only ate a couple of spoonfuls...but why I don't know. It is just insanity at this point.


Anonymous said...

My husband has to work a 12 hr shift on his birthday this week. So I'm taking him out for supper the day before, probably to a Core-friendly diner. I was debating suggesting ice cream after supper. I will buy a "1/2 cake" the next day so there's not alot of leftovers.

Estellia said...

Hi Val, I usually invite whoever I can over to eat the cake if I get a whole one for either of our B-days. The 1/2 cake is a good idea, but in my area of the world they don't do that on the birthday cakes...it is sad. Anyway, have you ever had a significant weight gain like I have this week? What did you do?

Anonymous said...

Once in a while I can go up by 2 lbs. I weigh myself every morning on a digital scale. I keep track on the Weight Tracker on ww online. Recently I looked back to a year ago and the difference between then and now is only 3 lbs. I fluctuate so much. Now I I'm working on getting the scale not to fluctuate so much and keep an eye on the decimals.