Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little gain and some insight

Okay, I gained .2 pounds this week :(. I really want to somehow stabilize this weight for the month. I have firmly decided I am going to try to maintain for a month. This is the start of week two of maintaining.

I ordered the "Set Point" book I mentioned in my last post from Amazon yesterday. I intend to get it on Monday. I really think there is something to it. That it is so much easier to lose the 10%, then it gets tougher. Not that it isn't always hard to lose anything...but I am hoping this will work. Guinea pig I will be. And perhaps it will reset my motivation.

I also asked myself what the rush is for losing more weight? I am not training for anything or in a contest, so it can take me as long as I need. The bf isn't happy about my decision for some reason..but I need to do what is right for me. (I know he wants me to be happy with myself).

I am not maintaining because I just want to eat more, it is more psychological for me. I think there are many emotional issues to weight. My issue is with anxiety. I have anxiety about maintaining the lost weight. I don't want to have to lose this 20 pounds ever again! I want to do it the right way.

I have lost this 20 pounds before and gained it back. I did that by trying to just keep losing all the time and never maintaining. So, if that didn't work the last time...why would it work now? And if it did could I maintain it?

Those are my anxious questions to myself at the moment.


Jim Purdy said...

I've read several articles and books about the "set point" or "homeostasis" theory, and I'm not entirely convinced. My readings have ranged from a book by TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau (save your money), to "Rethinking Thin" by New York Times writer Gina Kolata, to numerous articles in medical journals. Yes, I do think that our hypothalamus is programmed by millions of years of evolution to make us want to eat. After all, if our ancestors hadn't wanted to eat, they would have starved and we wouldn't be here. However, I think that their natural cravings were for the natural foods they ate tens of thousands of years ago, especially fresh raw fruit and vegetables.

So, yeah, in my opinion, there is some truth to the set point theory, but where we go wrong is to eat junk food that doesn't provide the proper nutrition. In that event, the hypothalamus tries to get more nutrients by making us eat more, but we just make things worse if we just eat more junk food.

The bottom line: just follow your Mom's advice: Eat your veggies.

Michelle said...

Ditto...I'm struggling because I eat out of boredom. Since I'm not satisfied at work right now I eat my way through the day. Good luck on getting it under control!... for me too :)

Estellia said...

Hey guys, I do think you are right Jim...but I guess I like the idea of trying to maintain the 10% loss before trying to lose more. When I loose a lot of weight and push my body constantly...I naturally rebound by gaining. I really want to stop this process!

I have to say...Kevin Trudeau is only writing books to make money. I don't think he wants to help people. My bf's mom did his program w/ the pregnant lady pee injections and everything...I need to check in on her and see how she is doing.

The book I ordered is more credible. Dr. Blackburn actually has some credibility, he is head of nutrition at Harvard. But I have to read the book before I can say if I agree with his theory or not. I will let you know.