Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The scale said earlier in the week that I lost more

I was anxious to hop on the scale this morning to see what I had lost for the week and was a little sad that it was only .2 pounds. That is still great because I lost, not gained or maintained..but just yesterday it said 181.8. Anyway, I know it is water or something...and I was too exhausted to work out last I am fine with a .2 lose this week. I shouldn't weigh myself the day before because it might bring false readings.

I have been losing on average, .5 pounds a week. I am okay with that. I think the slower I loose it the better. This is a lifestyle change and the changes I make slowly are leading me to a healthier weight. I am 77% to my first goal of 175 and I am going to get there..but I don't care how long as I don't have to starve or workout obsessively like a mad woman. I think I have said this many times, but I think life is too short to give up things you enjoy for vanity...even though I want to be at a healthy BMI. 165 to 170 (although on the high end) is an acceptable weight for me in the BMI scales.

I guess I think there is always the possibility that once I get to 165 that I will want to keep going (seems like I always did in the past). But I want to be happy with my success and learn how to maintain this weight before I go crazy losing more. I think maintaining is hard work...and I do need to learn how to do that also. When I get to 175, I plan on doing maintenance for about a month or two and give myself a break. Hopefully I can do that and not want to obsessively lose. All of this is easier said then done sometimes.

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