Monday, April 21, 2008

Doggy park

Wow, the weekend went fast. I can actually say I feel a lot less stressed today then I have been feeling. I did really well with my eating and exercising this weekend and I joined a dog park with my dog. She is happy to "run free" in the park. This also gives me a chance to do something else in the summer besides watch tv. The best part is that the dog park is just around the corner from our house.

I know a lot of people get a dog in hopes of getting more exercise themselves, but since I got the treadmill...I left out the doggy walks. I have only walked her once since last summer. I felt bad, she needs exercise too. We all do. So this is another activity that hopefully will get me off the couch. I needed at least a Monday night activity.

I also got up and exercised this morning. I may have to go to a meeting tonight, but that leaves tonight for doggy park if I don't. Working out in the mornings is good. I hope I can continue to do that because that leaves more evenings free for doggy to get exercise and me to enjoy the weather.

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