Thursday, April 17, 2008

I hope I learn something

Ok, so I keep having anxiety lately about my weight (as you can read in my previous posts). One day, I hope I look back on this time and see that this experience I am having right now has helped me in some way. I always try to look at the positives.

I put my old leather coat on today and it fits like a glove. It used to be too tight. I also put on an old shirt I had that was also too tight to wear....I can wear it now! So with this I say, maintenance is a good thing! Now I just need to try to stabilize this weight!

I think this stabilization period will also be helpful when I do get to my goal because then I may be familiar with what to expect. So far I think it may take me a good month to get it under control and stabilized, but we shall see. I hope I don't loose my mind in the process.

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting lately.

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Anonymous said...

I put on shorts yesterday from last year and they are comfortable. Today a sleeveless top I put on is a bit too big. It's a change from the past when every year I'd have to buy new clothes in a bigger size.